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If you run a small business or non-profit organization, you likely know how much work is involved with preparing direct mail pieces: mailers, postcards, catalogs, newsletters, etc.

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Mail House

Did you know World Digital Imaging is a digital printer and mail house? Let us do the work for you! We have a variety of mailing services and equipment available to save you time and money! We are here to help you with every aspect of your mailing project, following our four basic categories:

DESIGN – We have 3 Graphic Artists on staff
PRINT – We have both Color and B&W digital printers for quick turnaround. Offset is also available.
PREPARE – List Processing, mail piece preparation (stuffing, tabbing, bundling, addressing, packing), postage statements.
MAIL – delivery to the DAYTON Business Mail Unit

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Postage and Permits

Standard Mail cuts postage cost about in half. Actual savings depend on mail piece qualification and final sort of the address list. The discounts are even deeper if you qualify for Nonprofit Status with the post office.

How Do I Qualify for Non-Profit status with the post office?
Being a 501(c)(3) does not make you a Nonprofit with the post office. Not all groups will qualify to be considered for postal nonprofit even if they qualify with the IRS. You must apply for this status with the Post Office on PS Form 3624. When granted the Post Office will provide a nonprofit authorization number, this number should be used on all postage statements.

Question about a mailing permit? We can mail on your permit or if you don’t have a permit, you can mail on ours.

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Processing Your Address List

To qualify for automation rates on your mailing you must process your list in 3 steps.
1. CASS Certification
2. NCOA Verification
3. PAVE Sort

CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System) checks the address for street name and that it exists in the city you are mailing to. It then checks to see that the house number and apartment number are real. Having a real address it then corrects any incorrect abbreviations and properly formats the address. Then the proper Zip+4 is included in the address.

NCOA Verification (National Change Of Address) checks to see if the person or family named has filed a change of address in the past 18 months. If so it updates your address list with the new information.

PAVE Sort (Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation) rearrange the address in your list for the most economical sort and pack order and verifies the discount qualifications.

Printing the address on the mail piece is the final step. You must print a Delivery Point Bar Code on each piece with the address, in the proper font and location on the mail piece. They must then be placed into trays with bar coded tags and presented to the Business Mail Unit at the Post Office.

EDDM Mail does not require addresses but does require you to send to everyone on the mail route and has different documentation requirements as well as packing requirements.

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Piece Qualifications

Each piece in any mailing must meet size and sealing requirements for the class of mailing.

Letters in envelopes must be sealed. Self-mailing brochures, newsletters and booklets (no envelope) must be tabbed closed (no staples!) and printed on a sheet of paper no lighter than 70# (according to postal specifications).

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Preparing Your Mailing

A CASS certified address is good for first class mailings too!

CASS certifying your address list even if you are using it only for First Class Mail can provide you benefits in the long run.

– Saves you from mailing to an address that does not exists.
– Speeds up your communications thru the mail system.
– Helps in maintaining a high quality contact database.

While CASS certifying is required for all discounted mailings, a quality address list is vital to your business life blood. Consider CASS certifying your mailing list(s) once a year. And while you are doing that have your list run thru the NCOA (National Address Database), after all it makes no sense to send a letter to one end of town when the intended recipient has moved to the other.

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Mail Preparation

We have the capabilities to fold your pamphlets, flyers, or newsletters. Folding types include letter, half-letter, z-fold, tri-fold French fold or double-fold. Our convenient and efficient folding process may even save you money on postage by transforming a flat-rate piece into a smaller standard mailing size.

Tabbing often goes hand in hand with folding, depending on your mailing method. Depending on the specifications of your mailing piece and your mailing method, you may be required to add 2 or 3 tabs to secure the item for mailing.

Our Automatic Tabber for attaching self-adhesive tabs to folded mailers, catalogs, pamphlets, magazines, newsletters and similar items can save hours in labor.

Inserting Letters
Our Automatic Folder/Inserter can make short work of preparing envelopes for mail. This piece of equipment will fold up to 3 pieces and insert them into your envelopes. Once insertion is complete, it will seal and finish the envelope for mailing.

We can print custom mailing labels for your mailing list in black and white or color. To and from labels are available. For the ultimate convenience, let us apply your labels for you.

We also offer printing your address directly on your piece! If applicable, we can skip the hassle (and cost!) of labels. For more information, get in touch with us!

We also print custom postcards. Check out our products pages for more information.

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Contact Us

For questions about these mailing services or pricing, please call us at 937-431-1982 or send us an email.