We offer several methods of binding your finished product. Please visit Prepare Services for more information.



Stapling –
– Single Staple, Upper Left
– Dual Staples, Left Side
– Saddle-Stitch

Binders –
Binder building is a common request in the business, education, and training environments. Classroom materials for all levels, resource materials, proposals, and presentations can be easily reproduced. All you need is your original in digital or hard copy format, and we do the rest! Also see Tabs for more information on binder dividers.

Binding: Coil & GBC –
World Digital Imaging offers two styles of binding: GBC comb binding and plastic coil binding. We can bind books of as few as 10 pages, up to several hundred pages!

Perfect Bound –
Perfect Binding is another method of binding. Paperback books/novels are examples of this. Adhesive is attached between a paper cover and assembled sets/signatures to create the finish product.