Custom printed banners available in 8 oz. mesh, 13 oz. scrim vinyl, or 15 oz. blockout vinyl. Hems and corner grommets come standard.

Available sizes range from 1 foot up to 12.5 foot in width & length. Please ask about options if you’re looking for an oversized banner!


Custom printed banners are great for event advertisement, billboards, show signage, or building/fence wraps. They’re also a great addition to your party décor for a graduation, wedding, or other special celebration.

Our standard banner material is 13 oz. scrim vinyl, which is waterproof and durable for both indoor and outdoor use. Grommets and hems come standard. Some of our basic sizes include 2 ft x 4 ft and 3 ft x 6 ft banners. We can accommodate most sizes of custom printed banners in half-foot increments.

We also offer 8 oz. mesh banners that allow 37% air-flow. Mesh is ideal for large outdoor banners that will be in windy conditions. The mesh prevents twisting and tearing of your banner. Mesh is also a more affordable and light-weight option.

An additional material option is 15 oz. blockout vinyl. This material is heavier and even more durable that our standard 13 oz. vinyl. It is premium quality and blocks light from shining through, making colors pop! It also prevents 1-sided printing from showing through the back side. Blockout vinyl is optimal for outdoor street pole banners and similar custom printed banners projects.