Need a document copied a few times? A hundred times?
Looking to scan a document into a digital file?
Have photos or art to preserve as a digital copy?



We have several methods to scan your documents or photos. All of our copiers include a scanner attachment that allows for copies to be made quickly, no matter how many you need.

For creating digital files, we have several in house flatbed scanners* that can take your hard copy and turn it into a digital one. We have several output methods and file types to choose from:
– File Types: PDF (300/600 dpi), Word Document, TIFF, JPEG, or other image based formats
– Output To: E-mail File, Burn to CD or DVD, Save to a Flashdrive

*Our flatbed scanners can scan up to an 8.5” x 14” documents. Have something larger? We also offer the ability to scan smaller images and stitch them into a larger image.