Prepare Services

Once your copy/print job is completed, let us add the professional finishing touches: cutting, drilling, folding, padding, saddle stitching, scoring, stapling, and tabs.

Cutting | Folding | Scoring | Drilling/Hole Punching | Padding | Laminating | Mounting and Framing
Stapling | Binders | Tabs | Binding – Coil and GBC | Perfect Bound


We can cut your job to almost any custom finished size, up to 20″ wide by machine, or larger widths by hand. (Cutting/trimming is included with the job cost for large format prints.)
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Folding will make your project easier to handle and read. There are many folding choices, including:
– Half-fold/Single-fold: Programs, Newsletters, Menus
– Tri-fold: Brochures, Mailings
– Fan-fold (Z-fold): Envelope Mailings, Brochures
– Double-fold: Newsletter Mailings (legal size paper or larger)

Hand folding is also available for special projects. (See Scoring section below.) For an additional fee, we can also add wafer seals to your folded pieces, to be mailed according to USPS regulations.
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We offer hand scoring for greeting cards, tent cards, brochures, programs, and other pieces to be folded. Hand scoring is highly recommended for items printed on cardstock or cover stock, 65# or heavier. Scoring prevents the paper and ink from cracking when the piece is folded.
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Drilling/Hole Punching

Custom drilling is available in several hole sizes. We can set the holes wherever they are needed on your job. We can also 2-hole or 3-hole punch your materials.
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The act of “padding” involves taking a flexible adhesive/glue and applying it to at least one edge of a stack of paper/sheets/printed products. This allows for sheets to be torn apart after being placed together in a set. Turn your project into a notepad with custom padding! It is also commonly used on two-part or multi-part carbonless.
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Lamination offers sturdy protection for your printed product. We offer laminating services for items as small as a business card (3.5″ x 2), up to large banner size (24″ x several feet long)! The following are a few examples of items that can be laminated: Business Cards, Bookmarks, Badges/ID’s, Luggage Tags, Posters, Photos, Memorabilia, and Newspaper Articles.
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We can mount any of your projects (up to 24″ x 36″) on foam-board for a sturdy presentation. Uses for foam-board mounted items include: POP Displays, Kiosks & Exhibits, Photography, and Signage.

We use 3/16″ (5 mm) thick white, self-adhesive foam-board. The high-tack adhesive guarantees a long-lasting surface bond. We will also soon be offering foamboard framing. Check back soon for more details!
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Stapling is available in these styles: single upper left, dual left side, or saddle stitched.

Single Staple, Upper Left

Up to 50 sheets free! Stapling not available for 101+ sheets

Dual Staples, Left Side


Saddle stitching adds a polished touch to transform your folded piece into a booklet! Booklets can be made using any paper size up to 11″ x 17″. Saddle-stitching is available for up to 15 sheets of paper (24#/50# or 24#/60#). Covers of heavier stock can also be added—either blank, 1-side printed or even 2-side printed.

Common sizes for saddle stitched booklets are:
– 11″ x 17″ printed, folded to 8½” x 11″: Programs, Event Booklets, Yearbooks, and Directories
– 8½” x 11″, folded to 8½” x 5½”: Small Programs, Directories, Manuals

Most booklets are printed with double-sided pages throughout and a 65# cardstock cover. Your booklet will be face trimmed for a cleaner look, making the outer page edges even after folding.
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Binder building is a common request in the business, education, and training environments. Classroom materials for all levels, resource materials, proposals, and presentations can be easily reproduced. All you need is your original in digital or hard copy format, and we do the rest!

Preparing Your Binder Build Job
We will need the following information when you place a binder building order:
Binder: Choose your size, color, and type (clear front or solid vinyl covers)
Paper Choice: 20#/50# Text or 24#/60# Text (See our Paper Information page for a complete description of the papers we offer.)
Tabs: Blank or custom-printed; number of tabs up per bank (see below for more information)
Color Section Dividers: Choose paper weight and color
Covers and Spine: Choose paper weight and color or black and white printing
Number of Duplications needed
Date Needed
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Binder tabs can be standard stock or custom designed for your project. They come in banks of 3, 4, and 5 most commonly, but we can get special items if needed.

Tab options include:
– White with Black Printing
– White with Color Printing
– Color Coded with Mylar Coating
– Lettered Tabs
– Numbered Tabs

Custom tabs are a great addition for cookbooks, reference books, large manuals, training materials, and educational materials.
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Binding – Coil and GBC

World Digital Imaging offers two styles of binding: GBC comb binding and plastic coil binding. We can bind books of as few as 10 pages, up to several hundred pages!

For an extra professional touch, we can add black vinyl or clear acetate covers to your bound book.

Plastic Coil Binding

The new generation of binding is plastic coil. This system punches an oblong hole on the binding edge of the document and coil is inserted through the hole. Both the top and bottom of the coil are crimped.

Plastic coil binding comes in metric measurements, specifically millimeters, starting at 6mm. Our most commonly used sizes are between 6mm-20mm.

Plastic coil binding also comes in an array of colors that add to your options. We stock the standard colors (black, white, blue, red, yellow, and clear), but often have other fun choices on hand. For bigger projects, you may order special colors from our sample board of over 30 choices.

The creativity of plastic coil binding is endless. The length options are easy to accommodate and makes binding of any edge, in any size, EASY with a professional custom finish every time.

Advantages of plastic coil binding are that books lay completely flat when opened and can be folded back on themselves. Plastic coil binding also makes for a more professional and sturdy finish. A disadvantage of plastic coil binding is that the coil is difficult to be removed and reinserted by the customer.

GBC (Comb) Binding

The General Binding Corporation manufactured the very popular “comb” binding system, which became known as GBC binding in the trade world. Manuals and books such as cookbooks, technical briefs, and reference guides are often bound with this type of system.

For GBC binding, books are punched with a rectangular, 19-hole pattern on the binding edge, and a comb is inserted into the holes and secured at the base.

GBC binding combs are resilient hard plastic, and come in black or white. Additional colors are available, but limited. Sizes are in English measurements: 3/8″, ½”, ¾”, 1″, etc. Length can be altered if needed, but the standard length is 11 inches.

One of the advantages of GBC binding is that combs can be removed and reinserted as needed. A disadvantage is that GBC bound books are bulkier than and not as sturdy as plastic coil bound books.
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Perfect Bound Books

Perfect Binding is another method of binding. Paperback books/novels are examples of this. Adhesive is attached between a paper cover and assembled sets/signatures to create the finish product.

If your project requires perfect binding, or you have more questions contact us for more details.
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For questions about our bindery & finishing services or pricing, please call us at 937-431-1982 or send us an email.