We offer several methods of finishing your desired product. Please visit Prepare Services for more information.



Cutting –
We can cut your job to almost any custom finished size, up to 20″ wide by machine, or larger widths by hand. (Cutting/trimming is included with the job cost for large format prints.)

Folding –
Folding will make your project easier to handle and read. There are many folding choices, including:
– Half-fold/Single-fold: Programs, Newsletters, Menus
– Tri-fold: Brochures, Mailings
– Fan-fold (Z-fold): Envelope Mailings, Brochures
– Double-fold: Newsletter Mailings (legal size paper or larger)

Hand folding is also available for special projects. (See Scoring section below.) For an additional fee, we can also add wafer seals to your folded pieces, to be mailed according to USPS regulations.

Scoring –
We offer hand scoring for greeting cards, tent cards, brochures, programs, and other pieces to be folded. Hand scoring is highly recommended for items printed on cardstock or cover stock, 65# or heavier. Scoring prevents the paper and ink from cracking when the piece is folded.

Drilling/Hole Punch –
Custom drilling is available in several hole sizes. We can set the holes wherever they are needed on your job. We can also 2-hole or 3-hole punch your materials.

Padding –
The act of “padding” involves taking a flexible adhesive/glue and applying it to at least one edge of a stack of paper/sheets/printed products. This allows for sheets to be torn apart after being placed together in a set. Turn your project into a notepad with custom padding! It is also commonly used on two-part or multi-part carbonless.

Laminating –
Lamination offers sturdy protection for your printed product. We offer laminating services for items as small as a business card (3.5″ x 2), up to large banner size (24″ x several feet long)! The following are a few examples of items that can be laminated: Business Cards, Bookmarks, Badges/ID’s, Luggage Tags, Posters, Photos, Memorabilia, and Newspaper Articles.

Mounting/Framing –
We can mount any of your projects (up to 24″ x 36″) on foam-board for a sturdy presentation. Uses for foam-board mounted items include: POP Displays, Kiosks & Exhibits, Photography, and Signage.

We use 3/16″ (5 mm) thick white, self-adhesive foam-board. The high-tack adhesive guarantees a long-lasting surface bond. We will also soon be offering foamboard framing. Check back soon for more details!