Manuals are necessary for starting new businesses and restaurants.


We offer low prices for employee handbooks, training manuals, and product books to help you save money. They are spiral bound to lay flat and last longer than other bindings. You can easily update your manual or change specific pages without having to reprint the entire booklet.

For our educational customers, Schools are required to update their crisis response manuals every 3 years. While they are often very difficult to produce internally, we can produce them for you in a timely manner that is also easy on your budget. We can print in both color and black and white, on any of our light cardstocks. We also make it easy to update them as needed because we save your digital files from year to year. Make sure your school buildings are up to date with this critical information!

Multiple sizes & formats available (8.5” wide)
Paper: 65# White, Pastels, or Astrobrights
Additional sizes and stocks may be available upon request